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Εκπομπή Πάνω από όλα η υγεία μας

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  • Re send message to Eua Ντελιδάκη, on account of pressing Απσστολή before finishing comment-message to her.
    Γιασου Ευα,
    I am a semi-retired (specializing in bullying) – Psychologist-Writer, Life Long Active Martial Artist, Creator of a Psychological Art of Fighting 40 years ago in South Africa… I watched some of your latest show, call: Πανω απολα η υγεια μας. I will send you later today in English (Μεγάλο Σάββατο) an email that I sent to the Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras and to the Mayor of Χανιά: Αναστασιος Βαμβούκας, concerning the latest bullying in and out of the schools of Greece and Europe… In the email I will ask you of how you and KRHTH TV can assist me on this thorny problem that is escalating dangerously into our Country of Birth…Meanwhile I suggest that You and the Editor of KRHTH TV have a look at my website: and open at the ANCIENT GREECE, left click at the section: In this site you will learn where Martial Arts had started. Also view some small videos too